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Channel Mobile is a mobile marketing and advertising agency based in the heart of Cape Town. We have a high reputation for delivering the best in digital and mobile services to our local community.

We are at the cutting edge of mobile messaging, SMS marketing tools and mobile marketing software solutions. Channel Mobile strategises, develops and executes results driven mobile campaigns for agencies and businesses alike.

We have pioneered the use of SMS as a communication medium for South African corporate companies, being the first provider to launch a PC to mobile phone SMS solution for the South African automobile industry. We have since experienced tremendous growth across business industries and increased our suite of mobile communication solutions.

We have over 10 years of experience in this industry and at present we develop, service, maintain and support solutions for over 1000 clients locally as well as neighbouring countries.

Our Mobile Marketing Solutions

We provide a web-based and email SMS application for the sending of single and bulk SMS, which is easily connected to via our SMS Gateway resulting in no third party software or hardware to be installed.

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At Channel Mobile we offer a holistic mobile competition solution. We will strategise, develop and manage the campaign, select winners and transfer rewards/prizes to your customers so you don’t have to.

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Channel Mobile offers the development of bespoke mobile websites. Mobile sites can be static offering only content, or dynamic to enrich the user’s experience.

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Using a short code will allow your business the functionality to compile databasesgenerate sales leads and create revenue. A short code allows incoming communication from an otherwise unknown lead. Let potential customers, users or other stakeholders contact you.

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At Channel Mobile we have the platforms to effectively target & reach your demographic. We createimplement and track your banner ads to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

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A “Please Call Me” SMS is a free service that allows cell phone users to send a text to another cell phone user asking him or her to call. Our “Please Call Me” product attaches your text advertisement to each message and is seen by both the sender and recipient.

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If mobile marketing is new to you and you are not sure how it could benefit your business, don’t fear. At Channel Mobile we can create customised mobile marketing strategies tailored to your business offering and objectives based on our listed products. Get your brand in the consumers hand.

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USSD is familiar to the majority of the mobile market thanks to “please call me’s” and airtime recharging. USSD  is extremely effective when targeting a lower LSM as it is supported by all handsets and networks and requires no internet to connect.

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Channel Mobile WhatsApp Broadcast is is a service that makes it efficient and simple for you to send information to your customers and fans via the WhatsApp application.

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Channel Mobile offer Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) to clients. MMS is a more advanced version of SMS and allows advertisers to send interactive content to mobile phones.

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We offer a range of SMS API’s for rapid integration to our messaging gateway.

Our Campaign Manager platform and its base architecture creates the foundation of Channel Mobiles product offerings. Campaign Manager allows us to rapidly add additional layers of functionality to our gateway thereby reducing development time and spend for clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce innovative solutions for clients to communicate and deliver content whilst reducing the inherent time, cost and hassle in doing so.

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