AppointMate 2002 – 2008

We formerly traded as AppointMate from 2002 to May 2008. The re-branding was implemented to move the mobile marketing company to a brand name that encompassed our full range of messaging software solutions. The brand AppointMate lives on in our premium Outlook based corporate SMS solution, AppointMate Pro.

AppointMate – This application was formed to develop and supply SMS based service and marketing tools to small to medium sized corporates.
MessageMate – This application was the pioneer product, a stand-alone desktop SMS application that achieved remarkable success in the motor industry.

Successful History of Channel Mobile

  • AppointMate Pro was launched on the back of MessageMate’s success. AppointMate Pro allows corporates to seamlessly SMS enable Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  • You are able to send SMS using Outlook in minutes. The understanding, adoption and usage of AppointMate Pro is intuitive as not only is it located in the user’s e-mail client as a toolbar, but the look, feel and operation of the SMS window is the same as an e-mail.
  • AppointMate Pro took SMS functionality, delivery and reporting services to a whole new level, by partnering with Galileo and Travelsoft AppointMate introduced SMS-eT for Travel Agencies.
  • During AppointMate’s growth Premium Rate SMS was added to our product mix allowing clients the functionality to generate sales leads, compile databases and create revenue.
  • AppointMate creates and configures dedicated premium rate SMS numbers that clients append to their marketing material, thereby allowing customers to send SMS requests creating a two-way communication channel.

    Introducing the SMS API

    Whilst AppointMate was increasing its product offering to the marketplace an SMS API was introduced to allow businesses to SMS enable their own software solutions in house. Businesses are able to connect directly to the SMS gateway via SMTP, HTTP or HTTPS.

    Rebranding of Channel Mobile

    May 2008 saw the rebranding of AppointMate to Channel Mobile. The rebranding was necessary to fully communicate the range of additional mobile solutions that we are now able to offer clients. Following the tradition of AppointMate, Channel Mobile is pioneering a new aspect of communication – WAP. We have successfully developed and launched systems that allow WAP Push Messaging from PC to mobile phone, WAP Billing Solutions allowing consumers to make payments from their mobile phone and Mobile Websites (Mobisites).

    With the increased penetration of Internet enabled mobile phones into the South African market and the low PC based internet penetration rates, WAP is set to become the most cutting edge, penetrative and cost effective communication medium. Corporates are able to interact, show case products and create purchase decisions all on the consumer’s mobile phone.

    With 15 years of dedicated service and experience, we are ready to assist in the growth of your business. Contact us today.

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