Mobile Competitions

At Channel Mobile, we offer a holistic mobile competitions solution. We will strategise, develop and manage the campaign, select winners and transfer rewards/prizes to your customers so you don’t have to.

We will advise on the most suitable mobile solution for your brand to achieve optimum results. The user can enter the competition through the following mechanisms;

Features & Benefits of Mobile Competitions


  • Instant notification – send prizes directly to the user in real-time
  • Instant Gratification
  • Barcode validation
  • ID/age validation
  • Personalised prize notification
  • Cost effective & efficient

Selecting winners and distributing prizes for mobile competitions is always a hassle, so let Channel Mobile take care of it!

The Two Reward Systems We Offer:

Airtime distribution:

  • Send your customers airtime directly to their mobile phone.
  • The message can contain the voucher number or the pin.

Cash Send:

  • Reward your customers with ABSA cash send.
  • Send an SMS with the voucher number and pin
  • User goes to an ABSA ATM, punches in the number and pin and receives cash instantaneously.

The beauty of mobile and our superior solution is that we can send airtime and cash prizes directly to your customers on their mobile phone.

Running a successful competition has never been this easy!

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