The Republic of Kenya is a developing economy, which is primarily dependent on agriculture and related industries. Agriculture constituted approximately 21.4 percent of the country’s GDP in 2009.

Kenya possesses much scope for economic growth and the economy’s recovery in recent years has been achieved due to measures such as incentives for farm production and development of small scale primary industries.

The growth of telecoms in Kenya has been slow until recently, mainly due to strict government regulations. The market has been partially liberalised only recently and has since been growing at a faster pace. The introduction of 3G services will aid the growth of the telecom sector.

Kenya’s telecom market has had great potential for growth because of its previous low penetration levels in both fixed and mobile markets.

2004 saw significant changes in the country’s telecom industry, with the incumbent operator Telkom Kenya losing its monopoly in the fixed-line and internationals bandwidth sectors. Licences were also issued to a regional carrier, third mobile operator and several new data carriers, thereby marking a significant change in the competitive landscape for telecom services across the country.

The last five years has seen rapid growth due to new players entering the market, the introduction of 3G services by the telecom operators and, very recently, duty being waived on new mobile handsets and the allowance of number portability.

What Channel Mobile can offer in Kenya:

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Short codes

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Channel Mobile offers the development of bespoke mobile websites. Mobile sites can be static offering only content, or dynamic to enrich the user’s experience. Dynamic sites can include credit card processing and call back functionality linked to a database. WAP Push Messaging can be seamlessly implemented to allow the SMS’ing of WAP URL’s to their client’s mobile phone. This will allow for easy connection to, and book marking of, the mobile phone website on the user’s mobile phone.


USSD Codes can encompass once off requests or interactive navigation with a menu based application and is extremely effective when targeting a lower LSM as it is supported by all handsets and networks and requires no internet connection – it therefore has great reach and adoption within your market. USSD campaigns allow for a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This data is vital user information of your target market that can be captured and stored.

Kenya Mobile Environment

Country Info

Population: 38,610,097
Subscribers: 29,927,274
Mobile Penetration Rate: 77.51%
Average Individual Income: $1,802

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
Safaricom 19,459,017 65.02%
Airtel 5,061,577 16.91%
Essar 3,275,477 10.95%
Orange 2,131,203 7.12%

Kenya - Mobile