Mobile Marketing: Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s largest mobile market with more than 125 million subscribers and a market penetration of around 75% in early 2014. The rapid growth has led to problems with network congestion and quality of service, prompting the regulatory authority NCC to impose fines and sanctions. Every year the network operators are investing billions of dollars in additional base stations and fibre optic transmission to support the ever increasing demand for bandwidth. According to some estimates, the number of cell sites in the country currently around 20,000 could more than triple in the coming years.

What Channel Mobile can offer in Nigeria:

Please Call Me Advertising

When it comes to mobile marketing in Nigeria, a key difficulty in reaching the vast numbers of mobile subscribers is lack of data as well as budgetary limitations. With Please Call Me Advertising, there is now a way to reach millions of these subscribers without having to find and purchase data.

Please Call Me Advertising is a form of mobile marketing where an advertiser can tag their message (which can also contain URLs and short codes) to the end of a Please Call Me message. Nigeria see’s about 74 million impressions daily which makes this an extremely worthwhile marketing option. Please Call Me (PCM) Adverts are bought in daily batches of 10mill impressions and are very cost effective. PCM Advertising can achieve a range of things such as deliver a brand message or promotional message, click to call, click to mobi site or click to SMS short code. Several large Nigerian companies such as Go TV and First Bank are using this highly effective method of mobile marketing.

Bulk SMS

Channel Mobile is at the cutting edge of mobile messaging, Bulk SMS Software marketing tools and mobile marketing software solutions. We believe mobile is a direct, highly responsive two way communication channel and should form an integral part of your businesses marketing. One of our product offerings which will greatly benefit the networking and communication within and around your business is Bulk SMS Software.

Short codes

A Premium Rate SMS (short code) is a 5 digit short code (e.g. 45545) that carries a standard or premium rate charged to the sender of the SMS. Using a short code will allow your business the functionality to compile databases, generate sales leads and create revenue. A short code allows incoming communication from an otherwise unknown lead. Let potential customers, users or other stakeholders contact you. We will provide you with a dedicated short code so that all SMS’s into that number you will receive the revenue from.

Google Adwords

At Channel Mobile we have the platforms to effectively target & reach your demographic. We create, implement & track your banner ads to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. Through analytics we provide concise reporting and data of your target audience, gaining invaluable consumer insights for you.

Our mobile advertising platforms include:
  • Vodacom Live!
  • Google

Channel Mobile offers the development of bespoke mobile websites. Mobile sites can be static offering only content, or dynamic to enrich the user’s experience. Dynamic sites can include credit card processing and call back functionality linked to a database. WAP Push Messaging can be seamlessly implemented to allow the SMS’ing of WAP URL’s to their client’s mobile phone. This will allow for easy connection to, and book marking of, the mobile phone website on the user’s mobile phone.


We have a database of 80 million that is current and very effective.

Nigeria Mobile Environment

Country Info
Population: 170,123,740
Subscribers: 104,684,200
Mobile Penetration Rate: 61.53%

Network Information:

Carriers: Subscribers: Market Share:
MTN 43,772,800 41.81%
Glo Mobile 22,383,400 21.38%
Airtel / Zain 20,656,300 19.73%
Etisalat 14,382,800 13.74%
Visafone 2,225,600 2.12%
Starcomms 518,400 0.50%
Multilinks Telkom 375,400 0.36%
M-Tel 258,500 0.25%
Zoom 111,000 0.11%

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