‘Please Call Me’ Advertising

Please Call Me is a free network service available to ALL networks and is used by marketers to reach urban and rural audiences, often in a local vernacular. A text message, with optional call to action, is tagged to the end of the Please Call Me message.

A “Please Call Me” SMS is a free service that allows cell phone users to send a text to another cell phone user asking him or her to call. Our “Please Call Me” product attaches your text advertisement to each message and is seen by both the sender and recipient.

Text messages tagged onto the end of Please Call Me messages. Receiver ad messages are clickable. Vodacom Mobile Advertising tags in excess of 38 million Please Call Me messages a day.


Create awareness

Your audience carries their phones with them wherever they go. In South Africa more people use mobile phones for internet access than PC and a small 18% of our population is without mobile phones. This makes mobile the fastest and most direct way to create awareness and make your brand a part of their daily lives.

Drive engagement

With a mobile campaign you can ask users to respond to a message immediately and engage them in a way that becomes a one-on-one interaction, ensuring a satisfying brand experience.

In order to engage a potential or existing customer, a brand or product needs to maximize creative possibilities and must offer something of value or use.

Build relationships

Today’s marketing is about ongoing dialogue with customers, fostering loyalty and rewarding that loyalty.

The mobile phone enables you to do that on an ongoing basis – our new targeting filters and improved reporting are the starting point for building database insights that become the foundation stone for building relationships.

For development purposes, we require just 48 hours (Business) before the go live date.

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