Hyundai Automotive SA

Hyundai’s requirements were two fold.

Phase 1:

A sales lead generation and management system needed to be deployed. The sales lead system needed to be user friendly to ensure rapid uptake from existing Hyundai clients and the general public.

Phase 2:

Integration of Hyundai’s lead management and prospecting system, Higher Gear, to Channel Mobile’sSMS gateway to allow sending of corporate SMS’s to clients mobile phones.

What was our solution?

Phase 1:

Channel Mobile implemented a range of Premium SMS numbers (PRSMS) for Hyundai. The PRSMS numbers (for example: 33362) allowed prospective Hyundai clients to SMS their contact details to Hyundai.

The management, distribution and reporting services that revolved around the contact details was then work-flowed and a solution implemented by Channel Mobile.

Phase 2:

Channel Mobile was able to integrate Hyundai’s Higher Gear sales management system to the SMS gateway through the use of their SMS gateway Application Programming Interface (SMS API).


Phase 1

PRSMS was the fastest and most convenient solution for Hyundai. PRSMS is a user friendly, logical and accepted method of SMS communication at a consumer level.

For Hyundai, they were able to incorporate the PRSMS numbers into their existing advertising mediums (Radio, TV, Web and Print). This gave them a cost effective method to generate sales leads for new vehicles and create opt in databases for future communication.

Phase 2:

SMS was chosen as the most effective communication channel for the lead management system.

Maintaining contact with sales leads and customers via SMS is:

  1. Immediate
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Creates an open two way communication channel whereby a lead/client can reply in real time
  4. Delivery reporting on the Sent SMS’s is accurate and runs in real time
  5. Leads/clients do not change their mobile numbers as frequently as e-mail addresses (number portability)
  6. SMS is an immediate and non obtrusive communication medium where leads/clients can respond faster
  7. Higher response rates to SMS communication as opposed to e-mail

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