Quirk CT


Quirk Cape Town approached us to construct the mobile element of their campaign for their client Savanna. The idea behind the campaign was to promote the new Savanna in a can.

So what did we do!?

The user buys a Savanna in a can and is prompted to dial the USSD string *120*269*LAST $ DIGITS OF BARCODE#. If there was a bar code error, we could validate and inform the user to enter a valid bar code.

Otherwise the user was sent to another screen welcoming him/her to the Savanna Can Competiton. They were prompted to select their most way-out Can destination. Dial 1 for CANada, dial 2 for CANcun, dial 3 for CANary Islands or dial 4 for CANberra.

Once a selection was made the user was informed that they has successfully entered the Savanna Can Competiton and that they msut key an eye on Facebook for details.

The campaign was advertised on radio and generated a lot of foot traffic and awareness around the new Savanna in a can.

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