Quirk JHB

Quirk is one of the world’s top digital marketing agencies. Their Johannesburg office approach us to strategies, develop and manage a national campaign for their client Dettol. The competition worked as follows:

Targeting lower LSM’s 5-6. Basic idea behind the campaign is that of a home tester club for women to trial a new product launch. The user will be encouraged to submit a review and invite between 1 and 5 friends at a time to join the home tester club and at the end of the campaign the club with the highest number of members win a prize. The campaign could be experienced in 5 different languages to appeal to a larger target market.

User can enter the competition in two ways:

  • Directly through the USSD platform by dialing *120*1234# for example
  • Users prompted by CTA (in-store, activation, TVC) to SMS their name, suburb and club name to 12345 for example.

“Start your Cleaner Homes Club now and you and your friends could WIN! SMS your name, suburb and club name to 12345 and we’ll send you your Starter Kit.”

Once starter kit has been delivered user is prompted to dial *120*1234# and submit a review. Once the user submits a review and invites friends he firstly qualifies for R7.50 airtime as well as the grand prize of a year’s supply of the product.

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