Savanna Braai Like A Billionaire

Information requested from the user in the USSD string:

  • ID (to validate the user is older than 18)
  • Name
  • Opt in: Whether they would like to receive more special offers and news from Savanna.
  •  Last 4 digits of the Savanna barcode (validate that they have purchased a Savanna)

Based on the complex algorithm that Channel Mobile created for the winner selection process, after completion of the survey the user either won a prize (R250, R500 or R1000 mobile cash send) or was prompted to enter again. The algorithm controlled the amount of winners and total prize money each day.

Objective of the campaign:

  • Increase sales (user had to purchase a Savanna to enter)
  • Better assessment of product sales
  • Improve brand association through instant reward system.
  • Generate a database of their target market
  • Drive traffic to their Facebook page.

Results summary:

  • Total Recorded entries: 118 757
  • Average Recorded entries per month: 60 384. 92
  • Average Recorded entries per week: 14 089. 81
  • Duration of campaign: 60 days

Click below for the full campaign report.

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