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Bulk SMS Software

Be able to reach your clients, where ever they are. Bulk SMS is the best way to get your deal or notification to mass people anywhere in South Africa.

Channel Mobile is at the cutting edge of SMS Marketing in South Africa. Our software marketing tools are simple and effective and can be used the same way you send out an email or you can have a dedicated Bulk SMS Portal to inform your clients about your latest deal. We believe mobile is a direct and highly responsive two-way communication channel and should form an integral part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Bulk SMS in South Africa

Contact us, by filling out our form or just give us a call and can help you build a mobile marketing solution for your business.

With experience over the years operating and managing many SMS Marketing campaigns or you can manage the aspects of your campaign in-house, it’s all up to your business objectives.

Some of our large clients in South Africa include; Protea Hotel Group, Hyundai, SAB, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, AGM Group, Greeff Properties, Quirk and Spier Hotel.

Bulk SMS Portal

We provide a web-based and email-to-SMS application for the sending of single and bulk SMS, which is easily accessed via our SMS Gateway portal, resulting in no third party software or hardware to be installed on your mobile device.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the unparalleled support and service they deserve. Channel Mobile offers the highest in product quality at a rate hard to beat nationwide. Get your SMS Marketing Campaign started today to benefit your company.

Free Bulk SMS Trial

For a full and free demonstration, rates table and 10 free credits to test the SMS API connection, simply complete the form on the right!

Stay Ahead, Stay in Touch & Stay on Top with Channel Mobile!

  • 97 % of SMS messages are read and most within 4-5 minutes of their receipt
  • SMS  message campaigns typically receive response rates of anywhere in between 15% to 30%(which is very high)
  • Latest stats show response rates from mobile marketing are up to 300 times more effective than traditional media.
  • Response rates: SMS (15%-30%); Email (5%); Direct mail (2.61%)
  • Rapid and reliable delivery
  • Personalizing messages to recipients
  • Sending long messages (+160 characters)
  • Scheduling messages for future delivery
  • Delivery Reports
  • Replies
  • Full reporting and feedback
  • Wide market – everybody has a cellphone (Low – High LSM)
  • Time Saving
  • SMS’s can contain a website link
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Increased response rate

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