HotelCom is an SMS contact system developed and licensed by Channel Mobile. The system automatically imports a file from Micros’ Opera System to allow for the sending of generic or personalised SMS’s, thereby increasing customer contact and service. HotelCom will create an open communication channel between the service provider and the guest, providing booking information and also value-add or marketing information to an opt-in list.  It will also allow the guest to easily communicate the pros and cons of their stay. Replies with guest comments can be followed up on and resolved, creating repeat customers and positive word of mouth.

HotelCom Features

  • Automated Opt-Out: Opt Out Keywords can be created against a hotel account on HotelCom. When a guest replies with the configured opt out text the system will automatically unsubscribe them from receiving future SMS’s from the hotel.
  • Global Opt Out: The automated opt out can be configured from a Head Office level for a group of hotels. Therefore, if a guest opts out of receiving SMS’s from an individual hotel they can be opted out from the entire group.
  • Opt Out Text: Specific Opt Out text can be created and automatically appended to all outbound SMS from the HotelCom system. This ensures that all message sent from a hotel comply with legislation and communication acts. This can be implemented at a hotel or group level.
  • SMS Block Times: Specific block times can be created during weekdays and weekends. This allows HotelCom to block all outbound SMS traffic during the prescribed times, thereby ensuring that guests do not receive SMS after hours. The Block time feature can be configured at a hotel or group level.
  • Reporting: Full reporting functionality is included within HotelCom. You are able to generate and export reports across a variety of variables and timeframes.
  • Replies: Guest replies are routed to an email address and back into HotelCom’s reporting service. This allows a hotel to specify an individual within their organisation to be responsible for handling guest feedback. All replies on outbound SMS’s are routed to the specific individual. This allows the hotel to rapidly respond to positive or negative feedback and maintain brand loyalty.
  • Address Book: The Address Book feature allows hotels to segment their internal departments and guests into specific categories or folders. Staff and Guest data can be imported and stored within the address book. The hotel can then send Ad Hoc and Bulk SMS to specific categories or individuals from within the address book.
  • Personalisation of SMS: SMS’s can be merged with the external data from Opera or from imported databases. Data from the external source (First Name, Last Name, Room Number etc) can be included in the SMS body. This allows you to personalise SMS with data such as guest names.
  • SMS Templates: You are able to create an SMS message as a template from within the system. When creating an Ad Hoc or Bulk SMS campaign the template can be selected. This saves you the time of retyping message bodies on a continuing basis.

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