AppointMate Pro

Channel Mobile’s premium desktop SMS solution is called AppointMate Pro. AppointMate Pro plugs directly into Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, thereby allowing you to send SMS using Outlook. AppointMate Pro is intuitive as not only is it located in the user’s e-mail client as a toolbar, but the look, feel and operation of the SMS window is the same as an e-mail.

Download AppointMate Pro

Simply download and run the 700KB application. AppointMate Pro installs into Outlook or Outlook Express allowing you to create SMS messages in the same manner as an e-mail. PC to mobile messaging could not be easier.

AppointMate Pro Features

  • Send single or bulk SMS directly from your computer
  • Send Personalize messages
  • SMS directly to your Outlook contacts or Global Address List (GAL)
  • Create and manage groups from your Outlook contacts
  • Schedule SMS’s for future delivery
  • Create SMS templates
  • CC mobile – Automatically SMS the subject line of an e-mail to the mail recipient
  • Supports long messages (+160 characters)
  • Outlook calendar meeting reminders SMS’s to your cell phone
  • Import lists from Excel, CSV or Tab Delimited formats for bulk sending
  • SMS replies emailed to your Inbox
  • Delivery reports e-mailed to your Inbox
  • User websites for real-time viewing of sent message status and network reporting
  • Full administrative website for the management of users and SMS volumes
  • Reply to or forward e-mails via SMS
  • Create Inbox rules for the automatic forwarding of e-mails via SMS

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