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Mobile marketing and Ebola in Africa.

Ebola is the latest pandemic to hit the world. The virus has infected approximately 8 000 people and has caused nearly 4 000 deaths in five West African countries, since the first outbreak in March earlier this year. The rest of the world is on high alert regarding this pandemic, so how do we inform … Continue reading Mobile marketing and Ebola in Africa.


Channel Mobile leads the way into Africa

Africa is open for business, and this, by all accounts, bodes well for players within the mobile marketing space. As a leading South African brand, Channel Mobile is leading the way by developing innovative platforms for real engagement across the African continent. New business opportunities, new markets, new innovative campaigns to get across borders are … Continue reading Channel Mobile leads the way into Africa


Mobile Penetration into Africa

Across the globe there are on-going conflicting claims surrounding the effectiveness of mobile Internet advertising. Mindshare, a global media agency network conducted a survey consisting of 42 000 consumers across 42 countries to draw the conclusion that people still prefer accessing the Internet on their personal computers or desktops, rather than their phones. More than … Continue reading Mobile Penetration into Africa