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Get Your Mobile Marketing Samba On!

The Soccer World Cup is already well underway, and true to Brazilian culture and traditions, the event is proving to be a colourful blend of skill, entertainment and the obligatory side dish of on-and-off the field drama. Bet’s are raging and already people are splitting allegiances and choosing new finalists to support. At least 40% … Continue reading Get Your Mobile Marketing Samba On!


The Time is Now for SMS Marketing

The Time is Now for SMS Marketing In South Africa 92,8% of the population owns a mobile phone, so it’s no surprise that short message service (SMS) is fast becoming a powerful tool for businesses to interact with new and existing clients. The SMS platform offers a unique moment for consumer engagement, where businesses are … Continue reading The Time is Now for SMS Marketing


Channel Mobile Giving Back

At Channel Mobile we are all about giving back and supporting local events and charities that we believe in. In this regards, we sponsor our services to either allow charities to raise funds for their cause or help events market themselves by increasing awareness and attendance through our mobile marketing solutions, be it bulk SMS, short codes or USSD. We like … Continue reading Channel Mobile Giving Back