Campaign Manager is our web-based SMS application for the sending of single and bulk SMS. It enables our clients to connect easily to our SMS Gateway for sending SMS over the web, without having to install any 3rd party software or hardware.

Companies and system users can log in and manage the online text messaging process via the web application. All aspects of the SMS marketing campaign are manageable.

Campaign Manager Features

  • Log in securely
  • Create and send single or bulk SMS’s
  • Personalise messages
  • Import your own sending groups in Excel or .CSV for bulk SMS sending
  • Removal of duplicate numbers
  • Create and maintain SMS templates
  • Support long messages (+160 characters up to 800 characters)
  • Receive SMS replies with original message to be emailed to your Inbox at no charge
  • Maintain users and cost centers
  • Request management of SMS volume limits
  • Draw reports: view sent messages via user reporting function
  • Receive delivery reports via e-mail
  • Maintain reply path preferences
  • Set block times that you can’t SMS during
  • Attach footnote text to message body (e.g. opt out text)

Our SMS Gateway allows for client replies and SMS delivery reports to either be routed to email addresses or back into the the Campaign Manager. These messages are linked to the original message to create a threaded message view.

The Campaign Manager also allows the FTP’ing of files to the system for automatic sending of SMS’s. You simply create the file and send it to the FTP folder and our File Watcher Importer will a) validate that the file is in the correct format b) import the file of message requests c) send the message requests to the SMS Gateway.

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