Mobile Advertising is:

  • Interactive
  • Targeted
  • Instantaneous
  • Cost effective
  • Absolutely Measurable

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Specialised Mobile Marketing Agency

Based in the heart of Cape Town

Specialised Mobile Marketing Agency in South Africa

Our advertising campaigns are interactive, targeted, instantaneous, cost effective and absolutely measurable.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is time and location sensitive which can provide customers with personalised information that promotes goods, services and ideas more efficiently.

Who is Channel Mobile?

Channel Mobile is a specialized mobile marketing agency based in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. We are extremely proud to say that we are a well renowned mobile marketing agency in the digital and mobile community.

Our mobile marketing agency can assist you to better understand your target market or demographic in detail. Our services range from bulk SMS campaigns, USSD development, Bulk MMS messaging and Please Call Me advertising.

We strive to understand our clients better which helps us to develop innovative marketing strategies crucial for reaping marketing benefits. This, along with our superior attention to detail, will allow your businesses to increase its visibility in the marketplace and maximize brand exposure. Let us develop a well suited marketing strategy for your business today.

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What we do

We have pioneered the use of SMS as a communication medium for South African SME’s and large corporate companies and know how to harness the power of mobile to grow your business through a platform that is interactive, targeted, instantaneous, cost effective and absolutely measurable.

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Reasons to work with us

Our Experience

At Channel Mobile, we have over 10 years of experience in this industry and at present we develop, service, maintain and support solutions for over 1000 clients.

We are a full and accredited member of WASPA and believe mobile is a direct, highly responsive two way communication channel and should form an integral part of your businesses marketing.

Why Use Mobile

  • In S.A. 92,8% of population own a mobile phone.
  • 62% of users access net from their mobile.
  • 97 % of SMS messages are read and most within 4-5 minutes of their receipt
  • Response rates from mobile marketing are up to 300 times more effective than traditional media.
  • Response rates: SMS (15%-30%); Email (5%); Direct mail (2.61%)
  • Mobile has evolved into the 7th Mass Media channel with more cell phones in the world than all televisions and PCs combined.
  • There are now 45 million registered SIM cards in South Africa with the most active user base of mobile internet in Africa. This gives mobile huge reach with over 85% penetration through various LSM levels.
  • The mobile medium offers unique moments of consumer engagement due to the close and personal relationships people have with their phones; moments that other platforms are unable to deliver.

What We Can Do For You

• Maximise your traditional marketing campaigns
• Effectively target your campaigns by location, demographics and other criteria
• Generate immediate responses
• Quickly gain intelligent market insights
• Deliver rewards in the form of airtime, coupons, vouchers or content directly to a customer’s cellphone

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