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SMS Short codes are 5 to 6-digit recognizable numbers that let businesses instantly send and receive SMS or text messages. Develop brand awareness and deliver an easier way for customers to interact with your business or organization.

Features and Benefits

Short Code

SMS short codes are regularly used for promotions; easy to remember for customers and easy for businesses.
Consumers love to enter because it’s quick and easy; simply text a word like WIN, FREE, PIZZA, to an easy number.

Simple Keyword

​Keywords make it easy for you to reach your customers via text messages. All you have to do is reserve a specific keyword, and then your customers can text that keyword to your number.

Generate Revenue

Premium Rate shortcodes enable brands to operate a service where customers pay to send an SMS to a shortcode. The cellular networks acquire the payments, and a portion is paid out to you.

How companies use SMS Short Codes…


Discover how consumers view your business and service. Understand customers’ needs, and adapt your sales strategy.

Lead Generation

Receive instant responses for sales, loans or quotes.

SMS short Code Example


Invite consumers to enter contests via SMS short code, and boost your lead-generation database.


Easily collect donations, consumers simply send an SMS to your short code.

Different Types of Short Codes

​There are two different types of SMS short codes used – dedicated and shared codes. And there are some essential features ​to consider before securing your 5 digit short code.

Choose Your Own Number

With a dedicated SMS short code, opting into your SMS marketing campaign is straightforward. A memorable, easy-to-read number will have a significant impact on your opt-in and engagement rates.

Shared Number

Shared codes are simply any short code that multiple businesses or brands use. Organizations share short codes because of their cost; and each brand will select their own unique SMS keywords, to allow detailed analytics.

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