What is USSD then?

Every time you dial *123*456# to check the airtime balance on your phone, you are using technology standard called USSD.

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Comprehensive USSD Solutions for Businesses

USSD codes (those *123*456# numbers) offer a simple browsing experience via a menu system on your mobile phone. It is a convenient and cost-effective channel to create interactive two-way conversations with your customers in real-time.

Bespoke USSD Business Solutions

Mobile banking and airtime recharge facilities have made use of USSD since their inception – it is still a very powerful application tool for promotions, balance checks, conducting surveys, or generating leads.

We provide bespoke USSD solutions, creating a mobile-based menu driven application customised to your business needs.

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Features and Benefits of USSD Services

One of the biggest advantages of USSD is its ability used to transmit information at low cost across a huge spectrum of mobile phones. Even the most basic of feature phones, with no internet access, can use USSD systems successfully.

Global Compatibility

​USSD works on every type of phone, from basic cellphones to the latest smartphones. This makes it a much more efficient tool than mobile applications to reach a mass market.

No Data needed

​USSD codes work across all cellular networks – your consumers just need a connection to the GSM network. No internet connection required, as USSD works on voice connectivity.

It’s Interactive

USSD is super interactive; taking consumers through a logical series of menus that delivers responses with every action. Increase conversion rates on campaigns, while keeping users engaged.

Virtually Free for consumers

USSD costs are so low (60c per min), consumers are able to use these services without worrying about costs. Increase your brand accessibility, ensuring you are not limited to those who are able to afford airtime and data.

Reduce Call Centre pressure

Help to take pressure off your call centre. It provides a simple method for consumers to book appointments, check balances, and get information without the need to speak to agents. Reduce your costs and improve customer service.

Rapid and Reliable

Data exchange of USSD is up to seven times faster than SMS. The interactive navigation allows reliable two-way communication, and USSD codes work on all networks.

Innovative USSD Applications for Every Industry

​USSD has gone far beyond checking airtime balance; its interactive real-time connection is now widely used in various applications.

Customer Update

Integrate with your business systems to request updated customer information. Users can request account credits, balances, PINs etc

Rewards and Voucher

Communicate special offers to customers and send airtime and vouchers.

Marketing Survey

​Send basic surveys and questionnaires that can be immediately answered by users, providing cost-effective and reliable customer feedback.

Choosing the Right USSD Code for Your Business

There are various types of USSD codes available; the most common being either reverse-billed or standard rate.

  1. ​Standard rate USSD code – where the end-user is billed for sessions (20c for every 20 seconds)
  2. Reverse-billed codes are free for the end-user
  3. A shared USSD code is a code that is shared among multiple companies or services

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