Channel Mobile is a communications consultancy specialising in bespoke omnichannel messaging solutions, promotions and campaigns.

Based in the heart of Cape Town, Channel Mobile has 20 years of experience in the mobile industry and develop, maintain and support solutions for over 1,000 clients locally as well as neighbouring countries. We pioneered the use of SMS as a communication medium for South African corporate companies, being the first provider to launch a PC to mobile phone SMS solution for the automobile industry.

We have since experienced tremendous growth across business industries and increased our suite of mobile communication solutions. Today, we provide solutions across industries for customer care, customer acquisition, and customer retention – using the channels of their choice, such as WhatsApp, SMS or USSD. Our mobile solutions range from bulk messaging, to bespoke live helpdesk software.

Our products help brands and businesses provide effective communication with customers, staff, and other stakeholders while creating revenue generating opportunities and cost savings.



We traded as AppointMate from 2002 to 2008. The AppointMate application was developed to supply SMS-based service and marketing tools to small to medium sized corporations.


​The MessageMate application was a pioneer product, a stand-alone desktop SMS application that achieved remarkable success in the motor industry.


​Launched HotelCom – an SMS contact system developed and licensed by us. HotelCom created an open channel with guests, providing booking information, value-add or marketing information.


​We rebranded to encompass our full range of messaging software solutions. The brand AppointMate lives on in our premium Outlook based corporate SMS solution, AppointMate Pro.