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Users can chat with your company via WhatsApp, while your agents interact using AgentChat seamlessly in the background.

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Chat with customers from your browser! The AgentChat web application is a perfect alternative for the desktop client. ​No need to install any software on your computer, simply bookmark the web live chat agent application.

Allow your team to manage customer queries via WhatsApp, using your WhatsApp for Business line. Multiple agents can efficiently manage multiple chats simultaneously, improving the customer experience and retention of your customers.

Gone are the days of frustrating customer service calls, with long hold times. WhatsApp Business provides a trusted environment to chat with customers in real-time.

Provide effortless customer support with live chat software

Live chat software for customer service and help desk support. Assist your customers, engage visitors, and convert prospects into leads in real-time.

Rich Messages

​Send rich messages that are more personal, instinctive, and engaging than plain text. Engage your users with a better live chat experience.

Chat Tags

​Chat Tags are phrases you can use to add more context to conversations. Create detailed reporting, and identify opportunities or problems.

Canned Responses

Save time on repetitive queries. Create saved responses to common questions. Insert them in conversations with a few keystrokes.

Chat Transfer

No need to put customers on hold, Agents can work as a team and transfer chats when necessary. Especially if they need help from a more experienced agent.

Multiple Chats

AgentChat enables you to handle numerous chats simultaneously, improving productivity in real time.

File Sharing

Ease your workflow by sharing screenshots, offers or product brochures to make supporting your customers easier.

Connect any WhatsApp number to AgentChat

A WhatsApp Business account is required, and you can connect any existing WhatsApp Business number – mobile or landline.

​The AgentChat software enables you to convert your customers WhatsApp conversations into tickets for your support agents or sales team. We recommend using a dedicated phone number for your WhatsApp customer support.

Why companies use live help chat software

Live chat software enables real-time conversations with your customers – it’s quick, convenient and customers love it because it’s faster than any other digital service channel.

Reduce Support Expense

Live chat allows you to manage multiple customers at the same time – making it 25% cheaper than a phone call. Save time and resources.

Boost Sales

Boost conversions by 20% and ROIs crosses 300%. Live chat helps generate more leads, and converting them into sales becomes an efficient process.

Solve Problems Quickly

Provide instant answers in real time. AgentChat is the fastest way to help your customers.

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  • Pay as you go
  • Cancel anytime
  • 100% Coverage
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Support

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