Premium Rate SMS

What is a Premium Rate SMS?

A Premium Rate SMS (shortcode) is a 5 digit shortcode (e.g. 45545) that carries a standard or premium rate charged to the sender of the SMS.

Using a shortcode will allow your business the functionality to compile databases, generate sales leads, and create revenue. A shortcode allows incoming communication from an otherwise unknown lead. Let potential customers, users or other stakeholders contact you.

SMS Short Codes

Channel Mobile will provide you with a dedicated shortcode so that all SMS’s into that number you will receive the revenue from.

As a full member of the Wireless Application Services Providers Association (WASPA), Channel Mobile ensures that all campaigns adhere to the industry advertising guidelines.

For technical documentation covering the dynamic posting of SMS replies on the shortcode, please view our shortcode API.

We have managed successful Short Code campaigns for the likes of FNB, Frisco, Savanna, Dettol, Protea Hotel, Deloitte, Col’Cacchio, Direct Axis and Hyundai to mention a few.

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  • User will receive and read the marketing message in the newspaper, magazine, poster, flyer, online, radio, TVC etc
  • If interested user will reply to the instructions stipulated in the message. For example: SMS your name to 45545. Depending on what tariff band you decide on (R1.50), the amount will be deducted from their airtime if pre-paid or billed on arrears if on contract.
  • You may also send an automated reply message to the user (optional but recommended). Example: Thank you for your SMS, we will contact you shortly.

The networks take a share of the revenue and then sends the rest to us. We will then send 80% of that revenue to you. For example for every SMS in costing R1.50, the network sends us roughly R0.60. We then send you roughly R0.50.

  • 97% of SMS messages are read and most within 4-5 minutes of their receipt.
  • SMS message campaigns typically receive response rates of anywhere in between 15% to 30% (which is very high).
  • Latest stats show response rates from mobile marketing are up to 300 times more effective than traditional media.
  • Response rates: SMS (15%-30%); Email (5%); Direct mail (2.6%)
  • Premium SMS competitions
  • Create sales leads
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Voting
  • Creating an opt in database

Once a campaign has been launched Channel Mobile will provide a monthly billing schedule with the following information.

  • Summary report on total entries received, segmented by Network Operator
  • Mobile number of M.O. SMS
  • Date and time SMS was sent
  • Response date and time of the M.T. SMS
  • Text contained in the SMS
  • An email address can be configured to receive an email notifying you that an SMS has come in. The email will show the mobile number as well as the message contents
  • A weekly/monthly report can be sent showing all incoming messages
  • If you choose a dedicated line we will configure the back end for you, allowing you to log in at any time and pull reports
  • A GET or PUSH URL can be configured

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