5 Ways To Use USSD Codes for Marketing Purposes


USSD Codes & Marketing

USSD has been around for some time now. These versatile codes have been used for almost anything, to getting help in emergency situation to even checking your bank balance when you’re not close to an ATM. The longevity of these codes can be attributed to the fact that they work on almost every type of phone, smart or platform.

These codes also present an interesting marketing opportunity for companies to spread the word about a new product or service or even to reach clients they would not normally have. Here are few ways companies could capitalize on this great form of communication.


Often times major Corporations run competition to promote a new product or service, USSD codes could provide an easy and simple way for potential clients to enter the competition without having to go online and fill out an entry form.

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Because of new stricter law prohibiting cold calls to potential clients, many companies have taken to using a sms system. A sms is sent to the client to who then responds either yes or no for a consultant to call them.

The USSD code would serve a similar purpose, but in this case the power will be left in the clients hands. The client will only use the code and follow the appropriate prompts if they are genuinely interested, so no time is wasted with unnecessary communication.


Many big companies host or sponsor big charity events to market their brands. This provides companies with the opportunity to use USSD codes to get donations from willing participants. In other words, what the client would have to do is dial the USSD code to make their donation.

Customer/ Marketing Surveys

This is a great way to gain feedback from clients as well and presents a great way to market new products and services. A business could send the invitation to participate in the survey to their entire client base. Once the code is entered the client could be presented with a question such as “Would you recommend our service or product to a friend or colleague? Enter 1 for yes or 2 for no.” This would provide feedback in terms of how clients perceive your business.

Vouchers and Coupons

A great way for businesses like restaurants to get customers through the door is to offer free Wi-Fi vouchers. The vouchers could be redeemed using a USSD code that will give the customer a pin that may be valid for a certain period of time.