Load shedding leaving your marketing campaign in the dark?


Load shedding & marketing campaigns

Here in South Africa people cringe at the word load shedding but unfortunately it is a reality. With all these power outages we have had to adapt. Gas heaters, gas stoves, candles and making sure your cellphone is fully charged. Businesses has had to make changes to their marketing strategy as a lot of their budget goes into television adverts.

Is mobile the way of the future? Digital Marketing has been on a steady rise in South Africa and more established businesses are becoming more open minded when it comes to new avenues to get their brand out there.

The benefits of allocating more funds to Digital and Mobile Marketing rather that television adverts:

• Load shedding being the number one reason.

• Cost is reduced significantly.

• Results are easy to measure: There are many online tools available to see very quickly what works and what doesn’t.

• Real time results.

• Far greater exposure: There is a vast amount of platforms where you can add your business to. Social media platforms, mobile friendly website, mobile apps and online directories to name but a few.

• Easier to attach to other campaigns

• Gives fans, readers and viewers a chance to share content – this in turn provides value beyond what was paid for.

• Easier to stop a campaign after it has started.

• Provides the brand with more TIME & SPACE to tell its story (Every brand has a story to tell).

• Faster planning and execution

• Greater client appeal

• Increased/Greater brand engagement and consumer engagement.

We sure hope that load shedding does not persists for much longer, but in the meantime, don’t be left in the dark. Get your business online and get the exposure your brand and businesses deserves.