Mobile Marketing, Know Why

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Why Mobile Marketing?

Many people might wonder what mobile marketing is, or what it can do for you. Channel Mobile would like to get you up to date with modern mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is specifically designed for delivery to cell phones, smart phones and other hand held devices giving you the opportunity to instantly communicate with your clients,

Companies such as Channel Mobile can assist you in setting out the best possible mobile marketing plan to suit your unique business module.

With more people having access to the internet via their mobile phones over desktops, it’s evident that reaching people through their phones is a guaranteed way of getting your brand out there.

Our clients at Channel Mobile have seen great results from investing into marketing  through mobile and have received significant revenue increases. This is predicted to only increase as time goes by with the Tech age in full swing.

With mobile marketing statistics such as:

  • People reading their mobile notifications within 4 minutes of receiving them,
  • More than 50% of smartphone users have reported that they use their phones to research future purchases,
  • 99.5% of mobile usage is to access information and content,

It’s a no brainer that not being easily accessible via mobile marketing can significantly limit your growth as a business.

Sounds straight forward, but where do you begin?

Channel Mobile can help you set out your whole marketing plan, but we decided to give you some starting tips to help you better understand the industry.

Firstly you need to clearly set out your mobile strategy goals, if you are using a specialised company such as Channel Mobile it’s very important that you are clear on what you aim to achieve via your  marketing campaign so that further down the line you can see if your strategy is actually working. For instance, is your goal to increase sales or increase your brands relevance, expanding your future leads?

Next you should thoroughly research your campaign, it’s critical to ensure you approach your market correctly, making sure you are accessing all major marketing infiltration’s that are relevant to your

By researching your target market you will be able to determine which mobile marketing will best suit your marketing strategy, and give you the best outcome possible. Choosing your mobile marketing platform is very important and should directly be based on what you found while researching your target market.

Follow our blog for more information about different mobile marketing platforms available to you and what each platform aims to achieve. Next blog topic, Mobile Marketing, know how.