Mobile Marketing, Know How

Mobile Marketing Channels

Mobile Marketing, Know How

At Channel Mobile knowing what mobile marketing platforms are available to you is a crucial part when setting out your mobile marketing strategy. Deciding on what platform to use will depend on where your target market can be easily reached.

For example, if through your market research you discover that most of your potential clients don’t have access to the internet, its becomes clear that using Mobile banners, or MMS marketing, will not be the best way to infiltrate your market. However you can choose to send bulk messages, USSD and please call me advertising. As these forms of mobile marketing require no internet connection, and are quickly and effectively sent to your target market.

Now you might be wondering what all these platforms we just mentioned are and HOW they can work for you. Let Channel Mobile give you some clarity on this:

  • Bulk SMS, this is a popular choice when Channel Mobiles clients are deciding on the most efficient way of getting their brand known, this is because all phones, that have a simple sim card connection, receive SMSES, so our clients know they are effectively reaching their chosen market. How it works is a standard message is put together containing the information you wish to be known, this message is then sent to the clients through Channel Mobiles SMS database, giving our clients instant access to 100, 000s of potential clients at a click of a button.
  • Please call me advertising. Ever received a please call me and seen the advertising from a company in there? Well that is what please call me advertising is all about. Giving you a wider range of people to access.
  • Mobile Banners, these are those little banners visible on your mobile phone when browsing the web or using certain applications. These are usually simple, to the point and assist in getting your specials out there or increase brand awareness.
  • USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, this is an easy way to communicate with service provider’s computers. Still sounds a bit foreign? When you load airtime, or enter a competition and it responds with menu options, this is what USSD is. USSD is also a great way to do market research on your brand, and getting to know what is working for your clients and what is not, through surveys, giving you the platform to communicate directly with those using your brand.
  • MMS Marketing, this is very close to bulk SMSES, except your receiver’s will need an internet connection via their phone in order to view the content. This form of mobile marketing also allows Channel Mobiles clients to add images as well as send interactive content to your potential clients.
  • Mobile Website, At Channel Mobile we highly recommend making your website easily accessible via smart phones. This means that when clients want to view your website, its easily opened and adjusted to best fit on their smart phone screens. Also allowing your clients to view different pages on your website that are fitted to their screen. This alone allows for better marketing as it keeps people on your site more and makes your site accessible to everyone with a smart phone.

Channel Mobile can assist you in setting out your businesses unique mobile marketing strategy, giving you the opportunity to reach your customers in an effective way, at minimal costs to you. Keeping you up to date and informed about what’s trending in your market. An effective mobile marketing strategy is key to any business, weather you want to increase your brand awareness or push more sales, mobile marketing is the way to go.

Have we got you thinking? Call us today at Channel Mobile and let us get your mobile marketing strategy up and running in no time.