Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

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Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing it’s essential to fully understand what is allowed and what is not, what are good ideas and what ideas you should scrap. Channel Mobile has set out a list to help you implement the best possible mobile marketing campaign. By following these simple dos and don’ts you will easily be able to streamline into the mobile marketing age, and be successful at it.

Let’s start with some essential Dont’s that you need to know

DON’T – buy or rent a database without making sure it has been cross checked against the National Opt-Out Registry. This is a registry where people have listed to NOT be contacted by marketing companies, or receive any kind of marketing information via their cell phone and email. Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa, is the company that runs this database, and it’s vital to ensure that you reference all your contacts against this database.

DON’T use “spammy” words like FREE or WIN in your marketing campaign. Channel Mobile’s research has shown that people refrain from reading texts with these words in it, as we all know it’s not as simple as free and winning.

DON’T make your text messages too lengthy and complicated. Keep it short, to the point and relevant to what you’re trying to advertise.

DON’T put your contact number in the message, instead put a link to your mobile friendly site, this way people can directly access your site if they are interested in what your campaigning. People generally don’t make a phone call to obtain more information, instead they browse your website site and search for what it is they want to know.

Let’s move onto some DOS

AT Channel Mobile our first DO before anything else is to set out a Mobile Marketing strategy, to know what it is you want your advertising strategy to achieve. We then need to research the best way forward in making this marketing strategy come to life.

DO consider your target audience and what is relevant to them at all times, timing is everything when it comes to implementing your marketing campaign. Staying with the trends and up-to-date is very important in keeping clients interested in what you have to say.

DO make sure your marketing department and sales staff are fully informed on all campaigns running, so that when people start enquiring they are ready to help any client, with anything, at any time.

DO ensure your content loads on all devices to its best possible view, not just on mobile, this way people can access your information without any problems, keeping them involved and interested while they are still intrigued by your campaign.

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