Mobile – your new shopping buddy


Mobile – your new shopping buddy

In this day and age of the mobile connected consumer, mobile marketing and mobile couponing have become an important part of the average global shopper’s lifestyle. Research tells us that the global reality is that 1 in 3 Smartphone owners use their device while shopping. In South Africa, our average shoppers aren’t excluded from this global phenomenon. The average South African uses their mobile to research a product while walking around in the store, and 45% use mobile phones to check and compare prices while in-store. These stats apply to both male and female shoppers.

While the guys are more prone to research tech savvy gadgets and even go as far as redeeming mobile vouchers on that new flat screen TV, women tend to be more attracted to mobile coupons with a style conscience. Apps that allow you to style and match the latest fashion through special redeemable offers and mobile coupons. And while there are still many connected shoppers who haven’t ever heard of a mobile coupon, the mobile coupon is an especially popular and fast growing tool for the savvy, trendwise shopper.

In fact, if you text your name and work industry to 40178 (John Doe; Advertising), you could easily become one of those savvy, trendwise shoppers and redeem your very first free coupon. And if you’re a business owner and mobile marketing or mobile couponing is not yet a part of your marketing strategy, then test the above text line and witness first-hand the endless marketing possibilities this new mobile technique can offer. The switched on, savvy, connected mobile shopper is eager and ready to connect and interact with your brand. And now they can easily do this with:

  • Smart, connected shopping lists;
  • Dynamic, targeted promotions;
  • Personalised purchase guides; and
  • Versatile loyalty programmes.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities of a more defined and innovative mobile marketing strategy that engages the consumer and your brand in a more intimate and value-adding way, is endless.

So, if you’re still not this engaged with your consumer, what are you waiting for?