‘Tis the season to be mobile…

Woman with Shopping bags

Time to go mobile

With more active and engaged cellphone users in this country today than ever before, a smart mobile marketing campaign is the most effective way to market your company, brand and service this holiday season. It’s direct, interactive and far cheaper than traditional marketing campaigns that often result in a ‘hit and miss’ approach.

Mobile marketing is targeted, gets results, and engages your current and potential customer where they are at.

They don’t need to buy a specific magazine, walk into a specific mall, drive past a specific billboard or listen to a specific radio station. Mobile marketing audiences are captive, and able to easily engage with your brand from the comfort of their living room or boardroom.

Channel Mobile has consistently shown our clients during this past year what the tangible benefits are to developing a customised mobile marketing campaign, and we’re ready and eager to prove to you just how cost-effective, easy and quick-to-set-up holiday season campaigning really can be.

We have done all the ground work already, and know what works best.

The bulk SMS:

We’ve found that this type of two-way targeted campaign work well for brands that want to send customers special promotion and/or in-store sale details. And because we understand the mind of consumers, we know what catchy phrases works to get your customer running out of the boardroom and into your store.

The short code:

Competitions and loyalty reward programmes are fast becoming the have-to-have campaign for innovative and exciting brands. Engaging your customer this way allows them to feel that they’re at the receiving end of added value. It’s the perfect go-to campaign for brands who want to create excitement around their products and/or services. And did you know that with short codes, the company also earns revenue off of this type of campaign. It really is a win-win situation for all. So why not get your customer to interact in real time and make the job of selling, easier during this frantic and competitive sale season.


Our customers tell us that the USSD campaign is great for brands that want to reward customers with points for purchase. It is also ideal for sending data, couponing and even for amazing ‘get bucks’ back campaigns. With a USSD string you can capture customer data to use after the sale season, or even to send a simple ‘thank you for shopping with us’ message.

If you’re interested in getting your mobile marketing campaign started, here’s 5 easy how-to steps to get started:

  • 1.     Decide what your BIG holiday marketing message is.
  • 2.     Don’t follow the trend, start a new one.
  • 3.     Know what your goals are, and set a time frame in place to meet these.
  • 4.     Call Channel Mobile! – we’ll provide you with the an innovative, cost-effective and targeted/customised campaign
  • 5.     Expect a great reporting system that you have access to – ensuring transparency.