WhatsApp Business API is transforming the travel and hospitality sectors

WhatsApp Business API is transforming the travel and hospitality sectors

Businesses are increasingly adopting messaging services like WhatsApp for Business to communicate in real-time with their customers. The WhatsApp Business API is transforming the travel and hospitality sectors. Effective communication strategies revolve around real-time conversations, rich media functionality, and personalized, convenient, and secure interactions.


Improve customer retention

WhatsApp Business API is ideal for travel and hospitality and integrates seamlessly with back-end systems and customer relationship systems. Its end-to-end encryption offers secure and private communication and can deliver rich media such as booking confirmations and boarding passes.

Some great examples of customer service applications:

  • Pre-order room service even before arriving at the hotel
  • Booking a table for dinner as a surprise for your spouse?
  • Or request room cleaning or a wake-up call.

Travel and hospitality are 24/7 operations – and WhatsApp Business API’s automation means you can offer 24/7 support at reduced costs, as templated messages and chatbots take pressure off human staff.


Seamless Guest experiencesWhatsApp Business API is transforming the travel and hospitality sectors

Imagine being able to inform guests, based on their profile (business or personal), about relevant services? Being proactive is a key way to make a good impression, and the WhatsApp Business API solution allows you to offer easy customer care at any time of day. And auto-replies will take care of this for you.

There are opportunities to provide excellent service by asking guests if they need anything. For example, following up with guests after check-in is a great way to ensure a smooth arrival process. You can also include emoji to make your text messages more fun!

Hi [GUESTNAME], Did you get into your room alright? Please let us know if we can assist with anything during your stay.


Automated. Personal. Relevant

1. Message Templates

Remind me what are Message Templates again?

Message Templates are pre-approved messages that can be sent in both inbound and outbound communication with your customers. Perfect to let guests know about dinner specials, or perhaps a change to the entertainment schedule via real-time alerts.Using message templates helps you to have an authentic dialogue with your customers, and conversations are relevant and personalised by using merge tags.

2. Merge tags

Whatever the use cases, messages need to be informative and relevant. Merge tags provide personalization options with variables (or placeholders), used with unique values, such as first name, customer number, order number, etc.

Hi [1]. Thank you for booking with us. Your reservation of [2] is now confirmed at a cost of [3] and with an expected arrival date of [4]. Check the status of your reservation at [5].

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