WhatsApp Business API Updates for Better Customer Engagement

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Facebook recently announced some new updates for its WhatsApp Business API, that will broaden its use and open up more opportunities. These updates will make it easier for businesses to get started on the business messaging platform, and allow customers to quickly communicate with them.

Set up your business faster on WhatsApp
At its F8 Refresh – the annual conference for developers and entrepreneurs – Facebook announced they’re cutting down setup time “from weeks to just five minutes”. They’ve streamlined the business connection process, by reducing the approval turnaround time for businesses looking to establish a business account.

More messaging response options
WhatsApp is improving the way businesses communicate with their customers using the API, now offering support for more types of messages. For example, businesses can advise customers when an item is back in stock or receive additional information about a listed product.

From their website:
“For example, businesses were often limited to sending timely notifications, which made it difficult to follow up with customers outside of a 24-hour window. So now we’ll support more types of messages — to let people know when an item is back in stock, for example. We’ve also seen how periodic updates from health authorities about responding to the pandemic have been helpful and we want to make this kind of service available for more types of conversations.”

New quick response messaging features
Businesses will now be given the option to create up to 10 pre-written messages to speed up their responses.
“New list messages present a menu of up to 10 options so people no longer need to type out a response. Reply buttons will allow people to quickly make a selection from up to three options with just a quick tap that a business can set ahead of time through their WhatsApp Business API account.”

The new functionality areas implemented by WhatsApp are designed to bring some ease for businesses to connect with their customers. These will play a big role in the growth of the product, and it’s important for WhatsApp to get these tools and enhancements right. It’s critical businesses respect the privacy of the WhatsApp connection, while also making it easier for businesses to conduct operations.