Channel Mobile “Know my Rights”

Human Rights Day Channel Mobile

Channel Mobile “Know my Rights”

With human rights day coming up on Monday the 21st March we thought it would be important to share the message behind it and how you can use mobile marketing to encourage customers to be interactive with your business by making use of short code mobile services. Let’s start with a quick recap on what human rights day commemorates.

Human Rights Day

In 1960 on March 21st in Sharpville Vereeniging, South of Johannesburg a group of between 5000 and 10 000 south African citizens conducted a peaceful protest outside the Sharpville police station. The protest was in hopes that the highly controversial Pass Laws of south Africa would be changed. By the end of this day 69 people were killed and a further 180 injured. This is now commemorated by the creation of Human rights day paying tribute to these brave men and women who only felt it necessary to establish a fair common ground in South Africa between all races and genders. Police reports in 1960 claimed that young and inexperienced police officers panicked and opened fire spontaneously, setting off a chain reaction that lasted about forty seconds. Ultimately injuring and killing innocent protesters. Due to the overwhelming out cry from the public regarding the brutality of this day it was immediately named “Human Rights Day” in 1994 when the ANC begun its ruling in South Africa.

Pass Laws

Black South Africans were traditionally subject to pass laws intended to control and direct their movement and employment since the nineteenth century. Individuals over sixteen were compelled to carry passbooks, which contained an identity card, employment and influx authorization from a labour bureau, name of employer and address, and details of personal history. If a police officer found that they didn’t have their ID books on them they were arrested on the spot.

Using A Short Code

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number that allows you to send and receive SMSs. This allows you to communicate with your potential customers or give them information.

Why not use a short code this Human rights day to get your customers involved. With options like running competitions, promotions, special offers, sharing of human rights day information and activities.  Want to run a Short Code promotion contact us at Channel Mobile today and we will assist you every step of the way.

To celebrate human rights day at Channel Mobile we are running a short code to see how well you know your Human rights. SMS to 48952 what Human Rights means to you in 2016. We know times have changes, but has anything else? Tell us your opinion today and look out for our next blog where Channel Mobile will voice the opinions of our readers.