Corporations warm to new technology


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THE corporate dinosaur is getting younger as mobile-phone technology offers cost-effective solutions for expensive business processes. Through mobile-phone technology businesses can rely on customized software to do follow-up jobs, improving customer relations while beating down expenses.

Mobile phone internet usage is on the rise internationally, with mobisites, or websites developed specifically for display on cellphones, having increased usage of 35% in the US.

In SA, companies are realizing the advantages of cellphone technology to do business, says Rob Maconachie, MD of Channel Mobile, formerly known as AppointMate. “Client-customer interaction through SMS and mobisites is not only convenient for the customers but is also an efficient way of communicating for a corporation.”

Successful Technology

In the past year the company has seen a growth in turnover of 40% and gross profit of 35%. Maconachie says that Channel Mobile has about 3000 active users. The company has seen positive growth of mobile messaging and marketing solutions over the past five years and has expanded its own product range as a result. It is investing in a company called PhoneFuel that offers prepaid mobile phone users the convenience of buying prepaid airtime online.

“Companies are starting to see the benefits of mobile communications”. “We’ve learnt that offering companies customized solutions to suit their specific needs has the most successful results. “Finding ways of improving service delivery is often difficult for businesses that rely on high numbers of staff. By using SMS technology, you are standardizing the service that your customers are receiving,” he says.