5 Ways to use Mobile to make your Business more Profitable


Channel Mobile were recently featured on the Heavy Chef Project. Mike came in and asked how we would go about increasing a restaurant and catering businesses profitability through the use of mobile technology.

There are a number of tools to use to reach the end goal of creating profitability.

5 mobile techniques to make your Business more Profitable:

  1. Decrease your number of no shows by sending them an SMS reminder that they have booked for that evening.
  2. On quiet nights push out an SMS to your regulars with specials to entice a potential diner.
  3. Build your database by enticing clients to leave their cell numbers and opt in to receive special offers – as a loyal customer.
  4. Link the SMS you send to your clientele to a mobi site which could contain the menu, the specials or just simple directions. It could also be used when they leave the restaurant to gather feedback which can be used to improve customer service.
  5. Chasing outstanding invoices via SMS has a higher payment rate as they are less likely to be able to ignore it.