How To Launch a Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign

As we have mentioned in previous videos it is imperative that you only market to people who have opted in (given their permission) to receive SMS communications and marketing material from your company.

Here are two quick sources for growing your opt in list for launching your Bulk SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign:

Premium Rate SMS (Shortcodes):

Premium Rate SMS is a 5 digit shortcode (e.g. 31941) that carries a standard or premium rate charged to the sender of the SMS. There are two types of shortcodes than you can implement – Dedicated or Shared.

Advertising your shortcode on all your current marketing material will expose your business to more consumers. These consumers can in turn send SMS requests to your shortcode which allows you to grow your database.

Again, you need to note on the advertising material that by SMS’ing into the shortcode the consumer is opting in to receive future communication from your business and that they can unsubscribe at any time.

From your website:

Contact forms on your website provide an opportunity for consumers to opt in. However you need to ensure your Privacy Policy explains to the user that they are granting permission to receive SMS text messages and marketing material from you.

You are able to implement double opt in procedure on both the shortcode and website contact forms if you wish.

The next step in creating your SMS Marketing Campaign is to locate a registered Wireless Application Service Provider (WASP). A WASP has agreements and connections in place to deliver your SMS messages to all South African mobile network operators. They will either send the campaign on behalf of the client or supply their client with a range of software solutions for sending SMS’s.

The response rate on a well executed Bulk SMS Campaign can be incredible. Your success rate can be improved by ensuring that the information your are providing to the customer is relevant, useful and targeted.

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