Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS Marketing Campaigns

We believe you should be aware of the pros and cons of SMS marketing Campaigns before taking on this endeavour, read through these important points to make a decision on what the best option would be to grow your business.

Pros of SMS Marketing Campaigns:

Cost effective:

Research has shown that it takes 1.8 to 2.4 phone calls to reach someone. On each call, you are being billed connection fees and fees for the call duration.

  • Sending a single SMS is quicker and cheaper than multiple phone calls.


Receiving a phone call results in the call either needing to be answered or sent to voicemail, this could occur at an in opportune time.

  • SMS’s can be quietly read and replied on to ensure timorous communication.

Two-way communication:

Not only is sending an SMS cot effective and unobtrusive but it creates a two-way communication medium between the sender and recipient.

  • The recipient of the SMS can reply immediately, or a later stage at his/her convenience. Unlike phone calls, SMS replies can be created and sent at any stage.


All aspects of an SMS Marketing Campaign can be tracked – Delivery reports to network and handset, replies, failures and opt outs.

Marketing Reach:

Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns can experience viral growth as one recipient of the SMS forwards it to a friend who was not on the original database.

  • This increases the reach of your advertising campaign.


Technology now allows marketers the opportunity of sending text, audio, video and images directly to their client’s phones.

  • MMS and Wap Push Technology can be used to seamlessly deliver the marketing message.


Companies current marketing campaigns can be improved and expanded through small budget increases whilst receiving quick turnaround times.

Adding a Premium Rate SMS to your current marketing material will result in people sending inbound SMS requests to your company.

These requests could be for added information, purchase requests or service requests. You are continuously building your sales/lead database through the use of Premium SMS.

Cons of SMS Marketing Campaigns:

Delivery Failure:

 SMS’s can fail to deliver to a recipients handset for a variety of reasons from invalid numbers through to network failures.

SPAM / Opt outs: 

Companies need to ensure that they always give the option for their customers to opt out of receiving SMS.

  • Once a customer has opted out the company needs to ensure that they have been removed from the database.

System Abuse:

Companies implementing SMS Marketing Campaigns need to ensure that they have a set company policy and guidelines in place for content that will be SMS’d and communicated to their clients.

With all this information we believe you will be able to comfortably make a decision as to whether SMS Marketing is the most suitable campaign to run for your business. If you have made the decision to start your campaign contact us today for assistance.