Mobile Marketing: Nigeria

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Nigeria is Africa’s largest mobile market with more than 125 million subscribers and a market penetration of around 75% in early 2014. The rapid growth has led to problems with network congestion and quality of service, prompting the regulatory authority NCC to impose fines and sanctions. Every year the network operators are investing billions of dollars in additional base stations and fibre optic transmission to support the ever increasing demand for bandwidth. According to some estimates, the number of cell sites in the country currently around 20,000 could more than triple in the coming years.

Quick facts on Nigeria

Country Info

Population: 170,123,740

Subscribers: 104,684,200

Mobile Penetration Rate: 61.53%

Network Information:

Carriers:                               Subscribers:       Market Share:

MTN                                      43,772,800           41.81%

Glo Mobile                          22,383,400           21.38%

Airtel / Zain                         20,656,300           19.73%

Etisalat                                  14,382,800           13.74%

Visafone                              2,225,600             2.12%

Starcomms                         518,400 0.50%

Multilinks Telkom            375,400 0.36%

M-Tel                                    258,500 0.25%

Zoom                                    111,000 0.11%

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