Make Recruitment More Accessible With USSD

Using USSD

Alternative mobile ussd protocol makes accessing server-based forms possible from any mobile device, widening the scope of a recruitment campaign in areas where internet access is scarce.

With less than half of all South Africans having access to an internet-enabled computer, alternative means of instant communication and information access are in high demand. Social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and South African-specific Mxit, are the single highest source of internet traffic in the country, and the number of South Africans with a mobile phone connection has been consistently on the rise. With more screens in the hands of every person, traditional means of job advertising and recruitment, such as flyers and newspaper ads, are and will continue to be less and less effective every day. The digital landscape has become the best destination for connecting with individuals who are seeking a job. With USSD, mobile users can connect to websites and communicate with others without the need of a desktop and traditional internet connection. This means that USSD is the ideal platform for connecting with the highest population possible in South Africa.

Benefits of USSD Protocol

The USSD system

Benefits of USSD Protocol

  • Allows individuals who do not have an internet connection to apply through their phones. This means that far more people will have access to the application process and finding suitable candidates will be much easier. Recruitment through USSD also allows the individual to apply wherever they are. For individuals who might have access to an internet connection but are uncomfortable using a line other than their own to communicate, this will be quite useful.
  • Is simple to use, and takes very little time. Users send one of several USSD string codes to a server, which responds by sending a form to the user, which are designed to be communicated with simply by the cell phone user. These codes always start with an asterisk. After pressing buttons to indicate answers to each question in the form, the user may press the termination key for USSD communications, which is the number sign. Using this type of mobile communication is an almost ubiquitous practice for some. It has already proven its applications for social interaction, financial transactions, and form distribution.
  • The forms in a digital conversation using this protocol look similar to their desktop or smartphone counterparts. They have a similar style to the multi-page surveys one might find on a number of popular questionnaire sites. Interacting with forms sent to a USSD-equipped phone is pleasant and easy.  This means more people can complete the form and seek recruitment.

 Make the Switch, Widen the Net

Unlike conventional websites, USSD applications can be interacted with from any type of mobile phone. The newest, most expensive updated smart phone is not necessary, which further opens the recruitment process. Any phone that has the ability to communicate with a wireless provider will do the job. Further, using mobile USSD codes is very inexpensive. With a low bar of entry on both the hardware and service required to use this messaging protocol, and its proven track record in other aspects of mobile internet use, this protocol is likely the most effective for recruitment in South Africa in the digital age.

So, we can say that now USSD advertisement is a highly effective means of spreading the message through a wide community without internet. For recruiting purpose you can access a large population in a very short time, with short expenditure and maximum positive results.