The Evolution of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Traditional marketing has evolved and more people are on mobile instead of desktop.

Let me ask you quick question before we proceed: “When is the last time you found yourself without your phone or mobile device?” I’m sure it doesn’t happen much. In our modern society the mobile device isn’t just a luxury, it has become a necessity. However, most businesses fail to realize the potential there is in using the ever constant tool of mobile devices, in the hands of their consumers, to promote and sell their product.

Now, you may be thinking, “this sounds incredibly expensive” or that you would have to have a degree in telecommunication or marketing just to understand the nuances and controls of mobile marketing. Let me encourage and enlighten you today. I’m here to tell you that not only can mobile marketing be easy and relatively inexpensive, if done correctly it can be enjoyable experience as well.

To begin let’s answer this: “what is mobile marketing?”

Mobile marketing is simply using mobile devices, such as smart phones and other handheld digital communication devices, to market and sell your products or services.

Generally people who use mobile marketing do so on a multi-platform basis. In other words, they use one program that can cross different types of mobile devices without having to change your media. For example, the goal would be to have the same ad on an apple iPhone appear on a Windows mobile device or any other android-based mobile device with the same look, connection and efficiency.

The simplest and most cost-effective way of utilizing mobile marketing that crosses platforms is using social media apps that your potential customers already have installed on their mobile devices.
Although this list isn’t extensive, I would like to take a moment to discuss the three most popular social media apps, and how you can utilize their built in abilities for your digital mobile marketing.


Instagram, on the surface, seems to be a simple photo sharing app. But because of it’s algorithms and popularity, Instagram can increase both traffic to your website and develop loyal customers to your business or service.

There are several ways that Instagram can be used to increase sales:

•    First, take high quality photos of your product or photos that represent your service.

•    Next, make sure that you use a hashtag when posting it. Why? Instagram also is used as a search engine and the more relevant tags you have on a picture, the easier it is for consumers to find the photo you displayed.

A hashtag looks something like this – #vintage #geek

Find the niche for your business and use the built in search engine in Instagram to find your customers for you.

•    Also, make sure there are links in the description of your picture to the site where they can purchase your item or find out more about your services.

•    Finally, Instagram also is a great way to talk to potential customers, giving a personal touch to your business. Make sure you respond quickly to all comments and inquiries made to your account.


The next social platform is an app called Snapchat. Although there is not a lot of potential to sell directly from snapchat, what it can do for your business is develop trust. As we all know, trust is imperative when you want customers to continue to frequent your site or company, and you cannot buy that with all the money in the world.

Snapchat is giving your business/product a personality, and sharing short views of “life behind the desk”. Snapchat gives your potential clients a way to see WHO they are buying from. If they like you, they will get to know you and they will in turn trust you and the product or service you provide.


Facebook has long been the “go-to” social media platform for businesses. Beyond simply having a business page, you can pay for advertisements to boost your possibility of being seen, use hashtags and display more information about your company than any other social media platform previously listed.

But let me caution you with this, to use social media and not be “social” kills your potential with clients. You need to check your messages, reviews and comments regularly to show you actually care for those who have connected with you via Facebook.


Mobile marketing is necessary in the evolution of modern sales. Be connected, be social, be savvy and you will establish loyal customers who don’t just believe in your product or services; they believe in you!