Why MMS is still the best marketing tool for direct messaging

Why MMS is still the best marketing tool

Multimedia Messaging Service – this is how it works

The MMS service is similar to an SMS (Short Message Service) in some ways but has more functions and benefits than a standard SMS.

To explain it very simply, it’s a message service that can contain more than one type of media, for example:

  • photos
  • music
  • other audio
  • video clips of up to 40 seconds
  • text that exceeds the standard 160 characters allowed in an SMS.

So a text has character limits of 160 characters respectively, and can only include text characters.  A URL link can be added for the receiver to follow, which then takes them to the source of the information, usually a website.

The MMS, however, delivers the full multimedia message directly to the phone of the receiver. When you open the MMS you will get to see the video clip, listen to the music and receive the full message, text, images and other media included.

Where is it used?

With the advent of mobile phones, SMS is a service that was in high demand because it was far more cost-efficient than making a call to someone.  When MMS was introduced its appeal extended far and wide because now people could send each other pics.

As applications like WhatsApp and Facebook were offered, with their instant exchange capabilities for multimedia messages, the appeal of the MMS seemed to decline.

There is, however, a simplicity in the MMS that casts a wider net than applications that can only be used on smartphones and equivalent electronic devices.

What devices can MMS work on?

There isn’t a mobile phone made today that doesn’t have MMS capability.

How far is the reach for MMS?

This is the kicker.  There are more than 6.8 billion people worldwide with mobile phones.  More than three-quarters of those, are NOT smart phones.  The smartphone market is far smaller so any application that requires smartphone capabilities already has a limitation to its reach.

The MMS-capability is built into every device as a standard feature these days.  The real benefit is that it doesn’t need to be installed or downloaded.  If it requires activation, this is usually done by clicking on a link in a message received, and the process is complete.

So, even for the technophobes and anyone who isn’t fascinated by technology, the MMS facility is really quite easy to use.

The joy of using MMS as a marketing tool is that you will reach every person you send your message to, regardless of what phone they use, and without the need for them to download anything.

You can send them a clip or slideshow that contains images, video, audio and text, so there is a full spectrum of contact and transfer of information.

Why MMS is still the best marketing tool:

So for anyone wanting to reach the largest group possible, regardless of age, income or employment status, or phone capabilities, the good old fashioned MMS is still a winner every time.