Whatsapp Broadcasting – Starting Conversations and Building Customer Value

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Whatsapp Broadcasting – The next new thing in the mobile marketing world

South Africa’s population boasts an incredible number of cell phone users. Only 18% of the population don’t own cell phones, and the majority of the population relies on their cell phones for internet use as opposed to a laptop, computer, or other devices.

With figures like these, it’s not surprising that mobile marketing is the most effective way to target your customer base.

Not only is mobile marketing effective, but it’s a direct way to target your customer base. With their phones on them at all times, you can instantly make them aware of specials, news, or events, or anything else that you’d like to get to them quickly and directly.
As applications like WhatsApp and Facebook were offered, with their instant exchange capabilities for multimedia messages, the appeal of the MMS seemed to decline.

Whatsapp, on the one hand, offers a personal, conversational means of mobile marketing.

Out of the populus that uses mobile phones the majority uses Whatsapp as their primary means of communication, as it allows for sending and receiving multimedia texts that include pictures, video, or audio, while SMS doesn’t allow more than 160 characters.

With our Whatsapp services you can contact your customers or fans directly through Whatsapp, opening up a conversation between your brand and your client base that is more personal. It comes off less like spam, which would immediately deter your clients. Customers can respond to your posts and open up a conversation that provides a satisfying brand-experience.

Our Whatsapp Broadcasting service also features a double-opt-in process that ensures our service cannot be used for or be mistaken as unwanted bulk messages or spam. This goes a long way to providing value to your customers and maintaining a positive relationship with them. No one likes spam!

With our Whatsapp Broadcast Services you can monitor your list of subscribers, meaning you are always up to date on your customer base.

Customers on your broadcast network can subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter, giving them the freedom to take interest in your offering. This way you are guaranteed that you are making valuable impressions on your clients.

To give you even more insight into your campaigns and customers, our statistics feature enables you to monitor how your user numbers develop and how effective your messaging is.

Once you’ve made the perfect newsletter, you can send your newsletter out to your client base whenever you want, or set a date and time for them to go out automatically.

At Channel Mobile you leave the software maintenance and development to us, and you can set up your channel whenever you want, instantly.

Your network broadcasting is also a way to share your individual style. At your discretion you can make individual adjustments to your profile, your widget, your message texts, to enhance your identity and branding, giving your clients a clear view of who you are as a business and service provider.

When a customer has a positive experience with you and is well aware of your brand, you can achieve customer loyalty. Rewarding that loyalty is essential, and you can do so through whatsapp broadcast through offering customers discounts and making them aware of sales.

You can easily send your Whatsapp Messages to your clients through our Broadcast Services without having to manage hosting, scaling or constant software updates.

Not only that, but important personal information shared between you and your clients is kept safe and secure through Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption. This keeps your clients and their information save from prying eyes.

With our Whatsapp Services you can build a valuable database of insights into your clients through our new targeting filters and improved reporting. These databases are essential to build rewarding customer relationships with your brand.

If you’re interested in taking your mobile marketing to the next level, don’t hesitate to sign up for our Whatsapp Broadcasting Services. All we ask is that you give us 48 hours to make your service go live, and from there you can reach out to your customer base.