USSD Campaigns We’ve Done & Can Do For You!

USSD Campaigns

USSD Campaigns

At Channel Mobile we really can do it all! Be however crazy the idea might seem, we can make it happen and make it work. As a mobile marketing agency we provide support in the strategizing of campaigns to help reach the most effective solution for you. We do all developmentdeployment, testing and reporting. Be it a plain USSD survey or competition, to a complex campaign integrating bulk SMS and short codes with the USSD. We’ve done it and can do it for you!

Read on to get an idea of a few successful USSD campaigns we have done for the likes of Dettol, Savanna, Truworths, Hunters Extreme, Gordon’s Gin, Klipdrift and Parmalot to mention a few.

USSD Competition:

Targeting lower LSM’s 5-6. Basic idea behind the campaign is that of a home tester club for women to trial a new product launch. The user will be encouraged to submit a review and invite between 1 and 5 friends at a time to join the home tester club and at the end of the campaign the club with the highest number of members win a prize. The campaign could be experienced in 5 different languages to appeal to a larger target market.

User can enter the competition in two ways:

  • Directly through the USSD platform by dialing *120*1234# for example
  • Users prompted by CTA (in-store, activation, TVC) to SMS their name, suburb and club name to 12345 for example.

“Start your Cleaner Homes Club now and you and your friends could WIN! SMS your name, suburb and club name to 12345 and we’ll send you your Starter Kit.”
Once starter kit has been delivered user is prompted to dial *120*1234# and submit a review. Once the user submits a review and invites friends he firstly qualifies for R7.50 airtime as well as the grand prize of a year’s supply of the product.


USSD Competition:

Consumers could enter by submitting in the USSD code (*120*4901#) found on the product purchased as well as their name. From those who competed, 10 winners were chosen daily each taking home R30 airtime. Within the small vicinity in which the campaign was advertised a lot of traffic was generated. With regards

to the selection of winners, this we do automatically on our system.


USSD Clothing Campaign:

Our client made use of our SMS, MMS and USSD solutions. Personalized bulk SMS’s and MMS’s were sent out to customers informing them of specials, news, trends etc. The user was prompted to enter a USSD code (*120*3454#) for example, they were then directed to a platform where they had to enter their account number. The user could receive coupon vouchers or view their account details. It therefore was an effective form of account validation.


USSD Competition:

Campaign started with a roadshow in which sample products were distributed to homes. These people were given 5 sample products to test and distribute to 5 friends. This person was prompted to enter the USSD string where they had to enter their name and the 5 friend’s cell numbers that they distributed the products to. SMS’s were then sent to these numbers asking if they had received the sample product. If the user replied ‘yes’, an SMS is sent to the referrer rewarding her with automatic pinless airtime. If the user replied ‘no’, and SMS is sent to the referrer informing them to pass the sample on. The goal was to prompt the user to distribute these samples to her friends and by doing so get rewarded with airtime. Once again users had a choice of 5 different languages – English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho and Xhosa. There is also the possibility of attaching an IVR (interactive voice response) in which the numbers entered would receive an automated call which would ask them to press 1 to confirm if they have received their product from their friend, and press 2 to confirm if they have not received their product.


USSD Competition:

Similar twist on the above campaign. User gets prompted (through in-home visit or referral SMS) to review the new product and send through their name and friends cell phone numbers. Once the user submits a review they are prompted to invite their friends to review the new product to stand a chance of winning R50 000. They would enter their friends cellphone numbers – if valid these friends would receive an SMS prompting them to trial and review the new product and invite friends to stand a chance of winning R50 000 by dialing *120*1234# for example. We can validate all names and numbers, therefore if a user returns and has already submitted a review, they will be taken straight to the invite a friend screen. Once again the campaign was constructed in 5 different languages prompting all users to test, review and spread awareness of the new product.


USSD Alcohol Competition:

Consumer purchases product and is prompted to dial *120*123*LAST 4 DIGITS OF BARCODE# for example. If the barcode is invalid the user is asked to re-enter the barcode. Otherwise the user is taken to a new screen where they are asked a question related to the product. The user has a selection of answers to choose from, they just have to select the number that correlates to the answer they choose. The user is then taken to the thank you page where they are informed that they have entered the competition successfully. In this campaign the users were prompted to keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details.

From a straight forward survey to a complicated competition – whatever the case may be, Channel Mobile can do it and do it well! Give us a shout if you wan to utilize the most effective platform for reaching your target market.