When is the best time to send an SMS?

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Wondering when the best time to send an SMS is?

As you might imagine, its difficult to say exactly when the best time to send bulk SMS messages. Choosing the best time to send SMS messages to your customers depends on many different factors, from the product you sell, to the call to action you want your subscribers to follow.

What works for one brand and their customers will not necessarily apply to another and its audience. However there are some key take-aways and factors to consider as to when your recipients might be most interested in your message. Optimising your messaging schedule is critical, and if you do get it right you will enjoy the full benefits of SMS.

Ok, so what is the best time to send an SMS?

Know your customers

Before you message your customers, you should be able to answer to these three questions:

    1. Who are your customers?
    2. Where are your customers?
    3. What do you want them to do?

So if you’re a restaurant in the city’s financial district aiming to increase lunch trade, the answers to these questions might be:

    1. Who are your customers? Answer: Business professionals
    2. Where are your customers? Answer: Working nearby
    3. What do you want them to do? Answer: Come to your restaurant for lunch

The answers to these questions will dictate when you should send your message.

General Marketing Text Messages

Not too early to wake up customers and annoy them, but also not too late that it interrupts personal time with loved ones. Brands often enjoy great results from sending their SMS Marketing campaigns before noon, and then after lunch time.

bulk sms general text messages

Top Tip: avoid sending on the hour, rather send at unusual times within the selected time frames. One of our favourite times is 10:46 am – early enough to get your message heard but unique enough to keep you in the minds of your customers.


Promo SMS for Weekend Sales and Special Events

Thursday and Morning of the sale or event
These messages are time-sensitive in nature, so ensure your customers have enough time to engage with your offer after receiving your text. That way you’re giving them enough time to plan their weekend and a trip to your store. Generally speaking, these texts are best confined to regular business hours.

bulk sms weekend text messages

We also suggest a message the morning of the event – just not too early!


SMS Appointment Reminders

Reminders should be sent between 24-48 hours before the appointment, and contain all necessary information. Appointment reminders are different to other messages; you want to be schedule for on the hour (or half-hour).

    • 24-48 hours before the scheduled appointment
    • One hour before the scheduled appointment

bulk sms appointment text messages


Holiday Text Messages for Upcoming Sales

If retailers can put up Christmas decorations in November, then you can send out some holiday marketing too 😀

One month before your event
For optimum results, send an SMS message around one month before your event. This lets customers know about upcoming plans, and gives them time to plan (and spread the word).

Two weeks before event
Schedule a second SMS  one to two weeks before the event, again – on a Thursday. This is to maintains interest, and builds excitement.

bulk sms holidays text messages

Three days before event
Three days before your sale we recommend another SMS, as a gentle reminder – people get busy around holiday times.

One day before event
Awareness should be at its peak at this stage. Engage more personally, and let them know how excited you are to see them. Send a personalised message with their name and possibly a special sales discount).


The Best Time To Send An SMS

The best time to send SMS messages depends on who your customers are, and what type of message you’re sending them. While certain days and times often yield better results, the best way to figure out what works for your business is to test and analyse your messages and see when your customers engage with you.

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