Streamline Your Event Management with WhatsApp Business Automation

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In the evolving events sector, it is essential to keep pace with innovations and pivot to solutions that help drive greatest business benefits. And when it comes to swift and effective communication, there is no platform like WhatsApp. Recognising the success of the platform, major brands have shifted to Whatsapp to achieve their communication and marketing objectives. 70% users feel more connected and engaged with businesses they can message easily.

  • Event Registration
  • RSVP Management
  • Event Ticketing
  • Live Engagement
  • WhatsApp for User Support

Now, with WhatsApp Business Automation you can use numerous communication tools to meet your events notification, registration, ticketing, and promotional goals with a lot more.

EVENT REGISTRATIONWhatsApp Business for Events

Make event registration highly effective through WhatsApp.

By digitizing the entire system, you ensure a rapid registration process. Provide your users with their registration details and unique QR-based ticket via WhatsApp. Digitizing the registration process not only streamlines the delivery of your event, but also helps you go paperless and adopt a greener approach.

  • Go completely paperless with QR Code based ticket.
  • Empower both online and on-spot registration with immediate response.
  • Collect feedback post event and expand the community over interest groups.
  • WhatsApp Based customer support for attendee queries.


RSVP MANAGEMENTWhatsApp for Events

Offer a great experience to guests with seamless RSVP management

Send QR digital invitations via WhatsApp with the opportunity to collect confirmation during the chat. Not only can you manage the invites and the guest list, but also seamlessly handle multiple guest conversations simultaneously.

  • Effective RSVP management with QR code digital invites on WhatsApp.
  • Send a direct invite, or to collect a confirmation.
  • Handle multiple guest conversations simultaneously.



Make your event Ticketing easy

Event ticketing is no longer stressful! Share booking confirmations and receipts via SMS, email, and WhatsApp with digital event tickets. Guests may now enter the event venue without requiring any physical ticket. Additionally, hosts can track live stats of user journeys as attendees enter a location.

  • Share bookings over email, SMS, and WhatsApp with QR digital tickets on WhatsApp.
  • No more physical tickets for events. Scan the QR code to allow guests to join your show.
  • Easy to adjust, no leaks or pilfering. Hosts are fully in control with live stats.



Simplify your guests’ journey

Boost audience engagement before and during the event by sending push-notifications with WhatsApp Business automation. The entire conversation can be managed with automation based on the user journey.

  • Push notifications pre-and-during the event.
  • Automated communication over different touchpoints of the guest journey.
  • Trigger automatic WhatsApp messages when guests perform an action (or doesn’t!).
  • Save time by using custom-replies for frequently asked questions.


DATABASE MARKETINGWhatsApp Business Automation

Reach out to guests with relevant messaging to build awareness and increase sales.

Build personalized campaigns and let them go live before the event. Be it non-transactional messages or promotions, efficiently meet event marketing goals through WhatsApp automation.

  • Prepare one-off or recurring campaigns.
  • Create campaign audiences centred on customer traits and events.
  • Enhance the event experience with rich media (images, videos etc.) and interactive messages with CTAs and Quick Reply buttons.
  • Send marketing messages (discounts, offers, back-in-stock alerts).
  • Monitor event stats like messages Sent, Delivered, Read, and Replied to.



Use the most powerful live engagement tool for your audience.

Improve your event’s live event engagement by providing interactivity through the WhatsApp platform. Be it Q&A sessions or live polling to gathering quick and relevant feedback, you can boost your event’s engagement and interactivity with WhatsApp’s automation and integration.

  • Allow the audience to ask questions directly with the event moderator via WhatsApp.
  • Send digital programs to your guests.
  • Live polling over trending topics.
  • Collect Feedback over sessions in real-time.



The WhatsApp Business API helps you manage multiple conversations at once, and a shared team inbox means the ability for your events team to access a consolidated dashboard. With its advanced tools and features, guests get to experience the event at a whole new level.

Level up the planning, execution, and experience of your event by incorporating the highly effective integration of WhatsApp automation.

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