Why is Live Chat Customer Support Important for Business?

Messaging Best Practices For Customer Service

The nature of customer service is evolving quickly, as we rely more on e-commerce, delivery, and collection solutions. There are many channels that you can use to help your customers, so deciding which one you choose becomes critical.

While the relevant industry sector can influence support channels, the majority of customers say that they prefer live chat over social media, email, and even phone support. Why? Live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient.

What we are all discovering is that if you want to get customer support right, you need to be in the same channels where your customers are.

Provides Real-time convenience to customers

Businesses should not underestimate the power of the real-time conversation with a customer. For many, the ability to answer questions with a live agent (maybe even during an online purchase) is one of the most important features a website can offer.

And while businesses will appreciate the cost savings, remember live chat allows customers to multi-task too. The majority of customers prefer live chat precisely for this reason; even if they have a short wait, they can get on with doing something else.

Why is Live Chat Customer Support Important for Business?


Live chat saves money

Phone and email have been the foundations of customer support for many years. But they do not come without their frustrations such as long wait times. Live chat is proving to be a very cost-effective customer service solution.

    • Increases efficiency by allowing live chat agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously. Thus, you do not need to hire more agents.
    • Intelligent live chat software provides plenty of options for chat distribution and utilization.
    • Increase average order value, by providing customers with real-time advice and answers to any questions they might have.
    • Save “product return” expenses as customer service can help pick the right product or service, which suits the customer best.
    • It reduces overall help desk centre costs by lowering the waiting queue time when compared to a call centre.

    “We rely heavily on our customer service channels, and their WhatsApp and AgentChat solutions are fully integrated into our systems and dynamically routes customers through their own unique business workflow. It has produced amazing results across our customer service metrics.”
    ~ Digital Planet


    Give you an edge over your competition

    While some companies have implemented live chat, it is still the exception rather than the norm. Which provides a great opportunity for those willing to differentiate from the competition by offering live chat on your website.

    By making live chat and customer service the core to your business, you can really get ahead of the pack as you now have the tools to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.

    Live chat saves time

    Live chat is perfect for multitasking, and support staff can efficiently solve multiple customer inquiries. The option of various chat features such as canned messages, can save a lot of time for your customer support. No more repeating the same answer if you have a lot of customers!

    Increases conversions and sales

    While the world of business evolves, the rules of retail persist – and a positive experience leads to a higher average order value. Multiple studies have proven one of the live chat benefits is a 20%+ increase in conversion rates.

    Monitor your customers’ behaviour and offer them personalized offers based on their location, or past interactions with your business.

    Why is Live Chat Customer Support Important for Business?


    Improves the support experience for customers

    Offering 24/7 customer service can be unrealistic for many companies, as they cannot hire agents to cover all the shifts. Live chat enables companies to operate within business hours, and then switching between a live chat button and a chatbot integration. A well-designed chatbot can provide valuable self-service to your customers.

    Data helps inform business decisions

    A robust live chat software such as AgentChat, has built-in analytics to monitor your customers’ activity, as well as your agents. Store, organize, and tag chats to collect valuable data which can be reviewed later to improve your support levels.

    • Replying fast is crucial for customer satisfaction; monitor your agent’s response times.
    • Identify low performers in your team and provide the necessary guidance or training.

    An analytics overview will help pinpoint the areas of your business that require improvement and find more cost-effective ways to solve any issues.


    Modern-day customers are comfortable with using live chat technology. And beyond improving the customer experience, you will gain the capacity to increase productivity across your business. So, get a head start on your competition, integrate your live chat solution, and watch your business grow.