Are you ready for 2016? Mobile Marketing is getting bigger!

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing in 2016:

Mobile marketing has been on the rise over the past few years, with major changes in the way people view and receive their information since the smart phone age began. Channel Mobile has only seen increase after increase in the yearly statistics on Mobile Marketing, and you can expect exactly the same in 2016. Here are some interesting statistics regarding Mobile Marketing, how it has grown and how we expect it to continue to grow in 2016.

More than 50% of mobile phone users grab their phones within the first few seconds of waking up! YES 50%! This is how reliant we are on our phones. How attached we are to them. Make sure your business is up and ready to go! The early bird catches the worm.

If your company is not Mobile friendly and ready, NOW is the time, people are increasingly using their Mobiles to access web pages and information. Having said this making sure your business is easily accessible via a smart phone and tablet is a key ingredient to your online marketing strategy (mix).

Over 50% of people use their mobile devices to access their emails, browse social media platforms and get all the information they require. So if you are not mobile ready you are potentially missing out on 50% of your potential market.

Googles statistics show that 61% of mobile users will not try and access a site on their phones again, if they had trouble doing so the first time. These customers are likely to go to your competitor that has a mobile friendly site available.

89% of mobile usage is spent on apps, as people prefer the user friendliness of an app and how easy they are to access. So creating an app for your business is a innovative way to enter into the Mobile Marketing age. You can create apps that allow for many different customer interactions. Such as a store or a general knowledge app, or even a game if it’s applicable to your business. The sky is the limit when it comes to mobile apps, and with so much time spent on them you are bound to benefit from this form of Mobile Marketing. We here at Channel Mobile predict Mobile App usages will continue to gain traction in 2016, with more budget going into mobile marketing strategies across the globe.

68% of companies as of 2015 have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy, including it in their yearly budgets and providing it with a team of experts, just like our Mobile gurus here at Channel Mobile. This is how relevant Mobile Marketing has become to businesses that want to succeed. In the New Year we can expect these statistics to intensify as smart phones become cheaper and easily available.

71% of these businesses believe that Mobile Marketing is the core in their business, gaining maximum exposure and bring in large amounts of revenue daily. By investing in your mobile marketing strategy in 2016 you will gain exposure and profits.

By 2019 it’s predicted 72% of all digital ad spending will go towards Mobile Marketing. Showing us that this is only set to increase in 2016 from its current 58%.

In closing we here at Channel Mobile would like to encourage you to visit our website and see what Mobile Marketing can do for you. We offer services from App building to banner creation and maintenance to USSD code running, don’t miss out and be left behind in the mobile marketing world. Get your brand out there and gain maximum exposure, let Channel Mobile help you get the best from what Mobile Marketing can offer you.