Channel Mobile leads the way into Africa


Africa & Mobile Marketing

Africa is open for business, and this, by all accounts, bodes well for players within the mobile marketing space. As a leading South African brand, Channel Mobile is leading the way by developing innovative platforms for real engagement across the African continent. New business opportunities, new markets, new innovative campaigns to get across borders are just some of what Channel Mobile is offering its existing and new partners.

Robert Maconachie, MD of Channel Mobile, says: “We are committed to providing our clients with the best mobile campaigns, targeting new markets across the continent.” He adds that one of the key services Channel Mobile provides is restrategisng your existing campaigns to take advantage of the potential new markets across the continent. “Channel Mobile is leading the way with great service offerings such as USSD lines, Premium rate SMS, bulk SMS and mobile applications. Taking our clients brands and service offerings and expose them to new emerging markets across the continent.

“With Channel Mobile’s new African services, businesses can carry out the following activities direct from their location: monitor their African data through an API connection, change their mobile campaigns based on different African segmentation, have the simplicity of knowing that Channel Mobile is always innovating its services and negotiating a great African rate.

So if your business goal is to attract an African market right from your South African base, then contact Channel Mobile today to see the list of African countries and the millions of people we can connect you with.